The Wonder Years Season 1

Dance With Me

Original Airdate: 19/04/1988

Next day after Kevin has rung Lisa up. He asks her to the Spring dance. She says OK but then Brad asks her and she accepts his offer. Kevin tries to win Winnie back at the dance.

The Phone Call

Original Airdate: 12/04/1988

Kevin likes Lisa Berlini and he completely loses it. It gets around the cafe and he plays sick for a day. He ends up trying to ring her up.


Original Airdate: 05/04/1988

Karen starts listening to Jimi Hendrix and hangs around a guy named Louis who’s a vegetarian. Both of them are hippies and Karens Dad has a huge argument with Louis at the dinner table.

My Father’s Office

Original Airdate: 29/03/1988

Kevin’s Dad keeps coming home from work grumpy. Kevin wants to know what he does at work, so he goes to work with him.


Original Airdate: 22/03/1988

At Brian Cooper’s funeral, all Kevin can think about is Winnie. At school the boy’s PE class begins sex education. Mr. Cutlip is the teacher and the boys are bored with it all. They decide that they need a better book than the school textbook and they go to buy “Everything you Always Wanted to Know about Sex But Were Afraid to Ask”. They chicken out when they see the clerk is a girl, so Paul steals the book. Kevin’s mom confiscates it before they could read any of it. Kevin and Winnie go for a walk in the park but Kevin is afraid to try anything. [Fall ’68]


Original Airdate: 1/31/1988

We are first introduced to Kevin. They begin Junior High, Winnie starts wearing contacts. Wayne keeps saying Winnie is Kevin’s girlfriend – he goes off in the cafe and Winnie’s brother, Brian, dies in Vietnam. Winnie and Kevin have their first kiss in Harpers Woods.