The Wonder Years Season 2

How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation

Original Airdate: 16/05/1989

Final day of school and holidays begin. Paul is going away and Winnie signs Kevin’s year book “have a neat summer!”. Winnie is going away also, but at her party its obvious her parents are breaking up.

Whose Woods Are These?

Original Airdate: 09/05/1989

Harpers Woods is getting teared down, Paul, Kevin and Winnie go to the Council. They can’t stop the inevitable but they do have a final game of chasey there the night before it gets torn down.

Square Dance

Original Airdate: 02/05/1989

Kevin gets Margaret Farquhar as a dance partner. She has 3 pigtails and is totally weird.


Original Airdate: 18/04/1989

Karen gets Kevin to drop of messages at her High School, she is skipping school to go to the hill, Kevin starts going. Great ending!

Birthday Boy

Original Airdate: 11/04/1989

Paul and Kevin’s birthdays are together. Paul is having his Barmitzva, Kevin won’t go but ends up going.


Original Airdate: 28/03/1989

Eddie Pinetti is the school bully. Winnie still is not talking to Kevin for the things he said, Eddie is looking in Winnies locker, Kevin has a go at him. Then there it is on between Eddie and Kevin.


Original Airdate: 14/03/1989

Kevin and Winnie are together, Becky Slater keeps speaking to Winnie in class. Kevin thinks she will tell her what he said when they were together. She does and everyone goes off. “Bride of the Mummies”

Walk Out

Original Airdate:

Kevin and Paul get elected as home reps. They organise a walkout about the Vietnam War. The day of the walkout the teacher is ill and everyone is waiting for Kevin to walk first – he goes to the toilet.


Original Airdate: 28/02/1989

Cutlip teaches basketball and Paul keeps getting picked last. Kevin says its unfair, so Cutlip makes him a captain and Kevin picks all the worst players. Cutlip gets sconned on the head.

Hiroshima, Mon Frere

Original Airdate: 15/02/1989

Kevin and Wayne don’t get along, Kevin and Paul want to do a science experiment with hamsters at Kevin’s house. Wayne keeps torturing them because a girl he likes doesn’t like him. Kevin hurts Wayne by verbally abusing him.


Original Airdate: 08/02/1989

Kevin plays the piano and has to play at the recital. Ronald Hirschmeuller plays “Canon in D Major” the same as Kevin, Kevin doesn’t go.

Pottery Will Get You Nowhere

Original Airdate: 01/02/1989

Kevin’s parents relationship is strained. Kevin’s mum does pottery, and she makes Kevin’s Dad a coffee mug and they have a huge argument over the Pepsi.

Just Between Me and You and..

Original Airdate: 18/01/1989

Kevin is with Becky Slater, Kirk McCray wants Kevin to ask Winnie if she still likes him. Kevin still likes her. She breaks up with Kirk, and Kevin thinks she likes him but she says no.

Steady as She Goes

Original Airdate: 11/01/1989

Kevin asks Becky Slater to go steady in order to get Winnie jealous. In the end Becky gives him the flick anyway.


Original Airdate: 14/12/1988

The Arnold family want a colour TV for Christmas. But Kevin’s Dad won’t buy one. It ends up a good Christmas and Winnie gives Kevin a present.

Our Miss White

Original Airdate: 07/12/1988

Kevin plays the main role in Miss Whites play. But Kevin’s Dad keeps talking to Miss White and Kevin gets jealous.

Heart of Darkness

Original Airdate: 30/11/1988

Winnie starts hanging around the cool kids – because she is going with Kirk McCray. Kevin starts doing things for this kid to be cool. Paul ends up doing the same – they both realise they were idiots. Great ending with Winnie.