The Wonder Years Season 3

The Tree House

Original Airdate: 2/20/1990

Kevin and his Dad make a tree house.  When they see the lady next door sunbathing, they both lose the plot.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Original Airdate: 2/13/1990

The next day and its Valentines Day. Kevin makes Winnie a Valentine card but it is put in Becky Slaters locker by mistake. In the end Winnie admits she still likes him. Great ending!

She, My Friend and I

Original Airdate: 06/02/1990

Kevin sets Paul up with Winnie to get Carla jealous. However, Kevin still likes Winnie. Paul ends up really liking Winnie but she only likes him as a friend so she lets him down lightly. Paul tells Kevin she said she still liked him and Winnie goes off!

The Powers That Be

Original Airdate: 23/01/1990

Kevin’s Grandad comes to stay.  He brings a puppy for Kevin.  Kevin’s Dad is always arguing with his Dad, and the puppy gets the blame.

Don’t You Know Anything About Women?

Original Airdate: 16/01/1990

Kevin likes Susan Fisher and Linda his lab partner tells him to ask her to the dance. Anyway she is going with someone else, so he asks Linda. Susan then asks to save her a dance.

Rock ‘n Roll

Original Airdate: 02/01/1990

Kevin joins a band – The Electric Shoes. They play their own Rock ‘n’ Roll at a friends party.

Math Class Squared

Original Airdate: 12/12/1989

Kevin’s math teacher Mr Collins, is his hero. Kevin’s grades are getting worse because mr Collins grades on a curve and some of the kids are cheating.  Kevin’s cheats too.

The Pimple

Original Airdate: 28/11/1989

Kevin gets his first pimple just when a beautiful family friend is coming over to visit.

The Family Car

Original Airdate: 21/11/1989

Kevin’s Dad buys a new car, but doesn’t want to spend too much money. Craig Hobson tries to pay Kevin out but it doesn’t work.

Odd Man Out

Original Airdate: 14/11/1989

Paul and Kevin have a massive argument. Kevin starts hanging around with Doug Porter, but he is too bland.

On the Spot

Original Airdate: 07/11/1989

Winnie gets the major role in the school play – “Our Town”.  Kevin is the lights man. Winnie’s parents get back together.

Mom Wars

Original Airdate: 31/10/1989

Kevin wants to play full contact football at the park after school but his Mother thinks he will get hurt. She ends up trying to take him to buy new clothes after school all the time, as a way of coaxing Kevin away from the football field.

Wayne on Wheels

Original Airdate: 10/24/1989

Wayne gets his license and Kevin thinks he will now be out of his life. Kevin wants to go to the mall to find a girl but Wayne has to drive him.  Seeing the opportunity, Wayne tries to make a fool of Kevin.

Math Class

Original Airdate: 10/10/1989

Mr Collins becomes Kevin’s Math teacher. Kevin starts getting D’s on Pop Quizzes, while Paul gets A’s. Kevin starts to study harder but it only gets worse.  He ends up going to extra classes.

The Glee Club

Original Airdate: 2/27/1990

Kevin’s Glee Club get a new teacher and she makes them sing at the ‘Spring Sing’ – Stout Hearted Men.

Night Out

Original Airdate: 3/13/1990

Kevin and Winnie are together and they get invited to Robbie Hudson’s ‘make-out’ party. They have to kiss, Winnie runs out, but they do in the end.


Original Airdate: 3/27/1989

Kevin has to write his own obituary. His Dad has to pay taxes and his Mum loses the receipts. Classic quote: “I get up at 5 in the morning, I fight traffic, I bust my hump all day, then I fight traffic again, then I pay my taxes – The End”.

The Unnatural

Original Airdate: 4/17/1990

Paul signs up for the baseball team, Kevin has a good hit at practice Kevin keeps making the cut and thinks its because his Dad went to Korea with the coach.


Original Airdate: 4/24/1990

Kevin gets some extra help from Mr Collins but he doesn’t turn up for the exam. Mr Collins dies, and Kevin rewrites his exam.

Cocoa and Sympathy

Original Airdate: 5/1/1990

Lisa Berlini poll – Kevin gets best eyes and Paul gets brainiest. Paul thinks its because he wears glasses but Kevin’s Mum tells him glasses make the man. They end up going to the theatre together.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Original Airdate: 5/8/1990

Karen’s 18th birthday. Kevin’s Dad is angry with her. Karen doesn’t want a party or cake. They make up in the end.


Original Airdate: 5/16/1990

Kevin’s house has dry rot, so he thinks he has to move. He thinks he may have to break up with Winnie but it turns out Winnie is moving. Kevin buys her a ring but she won’t take it. Great ending!

Summer Song

Original Airdate: 03/10/1989

The Arnolds family holiday. Paul comes, but gets an allergy. Kevin meets “Terri with an RI” and they go to the pier, Kevin has his first huge kiss. Great episode!