The Wonder Years Season 4

Road Trip

Original Airdate: 3/6/1991

Kevin and his Dad stop communicating, his Mum makes them go together to buy a suit. They never get there. Classic part, in the cafe ‘My Mum, your wife!’ also ‘Budge the lug nut’.

Growing Up

Original Airdate: 9/19/1990

Kevin and Winnie are together, Kevin and his family go to his Dads work picnic. Karen goes off to college.

When Worlds Collide

Original Airdate: 3/20/1991

Kevin’s Mum goes to work at his school. Kevin hates it. He doesn’t want her to talk to him there. She gets upset and loses her job.

Ninth Grade Man

Original Airdate: 9/26/1990

Kevin begins 9th grade. Winnie is going to another school and she wants him to think of her every hour. Kevin has a rotten day but we meet Madeline and she kisses Kevin after Becky Slater gives him a race.

Separate Rooms

Original Airdate: 4/3/1991

Wayne and Kevin’s room is getting too small. Karens room is empty, so they want to use it. They end up arguing over who has to leave.

The Journey

Original Airdate: 10/3/1990

The gang of Kevin’s mates go on an adventure to Donna Pescarellis slumber party. Classic part when they make ‘the signal’.

The Yearbook

Original Airdate: 4/10/1991

Peter Arbuster is the fat kid in school. Kevin is in charge of funny quotes for each student. He makes Peter “Oink!Oink!” and then feels guilty.

The Cost of Living

Original Airdate: 10/10/1990

Kevin is not getting paid enough allowance so he becomes a caddy. His first job is to caddy for his Dads boss against his Dad.

The Accident

Original Airdate: 4/24/1991

Kevin sees Winnie for the first time since they split up. She comes over, he tries to help her. She gets in an accident. Great ending!

It’s a Mad, Mad, Madeline World

Original Airdate: 10/24/1990

Kevin and Winnie are together but he gets a cooking assignment with Madeline. When he goes to her house he forgets Winnies bracelet. So he buys a new one – ‘Kevin Amold’.

The House That Jack Built

Original Airdate: 5/1/1991

Karen moves into a house with Michael. She doesn’t tell her parents, she is living with a guy. Her Dad goes off.

Little Debbie

Original Airdate: 11/7/1990

Pauls sister Debbie, has a crush on Kevin. He ends up having to take her to her first dance.


Original Airdate: 5/8/1991

Kevin is graduating from Junior High. Ed Cutlip makes a classic quote ‘Free at last…..Thank God almighty, I’m free at last!’. Winnie thinks Paul has already told Kevin he is going to Prep school. They have a fight. Paul makes a big speech at the end.

The Ties That Bind

Original Airdate: 11/14/1990

Kevin’s Dad gets a raise but has to go to travel around a lot. It ends up looking like he is going to miss Thanksgiving.

The Wonder Years

Original Airdate: 5/15/1991

Look back at Kevin’s days at RFK Junior High. Great parts with Winnie in it. Great ending!

The Sixth Man

Original Airdate: 11/28/1990

Paul gets on the school basketball team. Kevin beats him all the time when they play in his backyard but when hes not playing with Kevin he is good. So he challenges Kevin one night and finally beats him.

A Very Cutlip Christmas

Original Airdate: 12/12/1990

Kevin sees Cutlip playing Santa at the mall. He lets it slip to his friends and they go looking for him.

The Candidate

Original Airdate: 1/9/1991

Becky Slater is running for school President. Kevin runs against her. It turns into a slanging match.


Original Airdate: 1/23/1991

First part of when Kevin and Winnie go to the Museum together on a joint school trip. Winnie breaks up with him because she likes Roger but Madeline has her eye on Kevin.


Original Airdate: 1/30/1991

The next day – Kevin tries to win Winnie back by taking Madeline to Pauls party. But they end up having a huge argument. Great ending!

Who’s Aunt Rose?

Original Airdate: 2/6/1991

Kevin’s Grandpa comes to town to go to a funeral. The whole family ends up going. Kevin and Wayne end up getting kicked out of the car.


Original Airdate: 2/13/1991

Kevin’s dentist, Miss Hussenfuss, is really good looking. She thinks he is brave for going to school.


Original Airdate: 2/27/1991

Buster, Kevin’s dog, needs to get fixed but everyone keeps avoiding it. When Kevin takes him for a walk he runs off so they all go looking for him. Then they all taking him to get fixed.